All you can eat - Sunday buffet with Russian specialities

Russian specialities at the Sunday buffet

Since we are constantly improving ourselves with your help and to make your visit to our restaurant for Russian specialities even more comfortable, we have extended our opening hours. On Sundays we open at 09.00 o’clock and the first buffet is ready for you until 12.30 o’clock. For all late risers we prepare the buffet again and open from 13.00-16.30 o’clock to the second buffet round.

“Eat till you’re half full, drink till you’re half drunk, then you will live whole”
(old Russian proverb).

This will certainly be very difficult for you when you look at our Sunday buffet with delicious dishes of the Old Russian cuisine, because we attach importance to high quality and therefore offer only freshly prepared dishes from our own production.

Dishes and tea from the samovar
as much as you like for 27,50 Euro.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Reservations can be made at the following telephone number: +49 (0)30 341 41 54
(A reservation is recommended).

tsar's feast

Do live like a king in France, but eat like Czar of Russia!

For groups of six or more, we can prepare our famous and popular Tsar’s feast for you in advance. A cosy evening awaits you with delicious dishes of the old Russian cuisine.


The table is richly set with various Russian starters and salads. A fish platter with keta caviar, fine roast platter, homemade bread, butter and Smetana. Appetising side dishes such as marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, gherkins and white cabbage salad are available.


With the Russian borscht we serve you freshly baked piroshki with meat filling. In between we serve Pelmeni, Wareniki and Blintschki.

Main dishes

Chicken shashlik with fresh grilled vegetables, salmon fillet on spinach leaves with keta caviar cream sauce, braised beef in prune sauce.

side dishes

Wild rice risotto and rosemary grilled potatoes


Stuffed bliny garnished with ice cream

per person 45,00 €

(Please note that a deposit of 50% of the total price is due when making a reservation).




Experience a typical Russian tradition: a tea ceremony with samovar

Tea has been known in Russia since 1567, but was not imported regularly to Moscow until the end of the 17th century. For almost two centuries the inhabitants of Moscow remained the only tea drinkers in Russia. It was not until 1850 that the enjoyment of tea became established throughout the empire and in all social classes and more and more people enjoyed these drinking specialities.

In Russia, tea and the samovar are inseparably linked. The samovar is a kind of oversized, complicated tea kettle in which several litres of water can be kept at the right temperature with a heat source. It is designed so that you can hear how the water passes through the various heating stages until the ideal temperature is reached. Tchainik, the teapot kept warm on the samovar, contains a very concentrated tea extract. Everyone pours a little of it into his cup and then fills it up with hot water, which is taken from the samovar via a small tap. Black teas, green teas or mixtures of both are used. The Russians do not use milk for tea and sometimes melt a small piece of sugar in their mouth while drinking.

As much tea as you like from the samovar. Various products to sweet and flavor the tea. Honey and tea sugar.

Russian confectionery and pastries. Home-baked Russian cake.

Enjoy the tea from the samovar in the traditional Russian way in a close circle of friends.

With reservation from 4 persons:

from 9,50 € per person

Errors excepted. The prices apply as in the menu in the restaurant.

Liebe Gäste,

entsetzt schauen wir derzeit auf die Lage in der Ukraine! Wir als Restaurantbetreiber möchten an dieser Stelle ganz klar darauf hinweisen, dass wir gegen jegliche Form von Krieg sind und das Töten von Menschen zutiefst verurteilen. Unser Team im Restaurant Samowar besteht aus den unterschiedlichsten Nationalitäten – auch aus der Ukraine – und lebt eine friedliche Gemeinschaft fernab der Entscheidungen von Regierungen. Wir möchten Ihnen gutes und frisches Essen zubereiten und laden Sie ein, unsere Herzlichkeit bei einem Besuch in unserem Lokal zu erleben.

Ihr Restaurant Samowar Team